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Yes You Can Drinks

Yes You Can Drinks is an award-winning non-alcoholic beverage company founded by Olympian Tyler Martin and Sophie. Their perfectly crafted multi-dimensional flavor profiles offer an exceptional drinking experience in a can, catering to those who seek high-quality beverages without alcohol.


Driving Marketing Efficiency and Repeat Purchases

  • Strategy

    Email Automation Optimization, Speed of Delivery Communication, Tactical Marketing Campaigns

  • Client

    Yes You Can Drinks


Before working with Ecommerce Boost, Yes You Can Drinks faced two core challenges:

  • Discovery: It was difficult for potential customers to commit to purchasing a beverage they couldn’t taste, hindering brand discovery.
  • Repeat Purchases: In a fast-paced delivery culture, ensuring repeat purchases and customer loyalty was a challenge.

Ecommerce Boost addressed these challenges by implementing targeted strategies and services:

  • Email Automation Optimization: Ecommerce Boost optimized Yes You Can Drinks’ email flows, focusing on nurturing subscribers through educational content about the brand and the benefits of non-alcoholic drinks for social gatherings and relaxation. Win-back flows were also created to incentivize past customers to make additional purchases.
  • Speed of Delivery Communication: Yes You Can Drinks kept customers informed about the progress of their purchases, emphasizing the speed of delivery to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Tactical Marketing Campaigns: Ecommerce Boost executed strategic marketing campaigns ahead of key holidays to capture wallet share, guarantee timely delivery, and generate higher engagement by being ahead of competitors.

Working with Ecommerce Boost led to notable outcomes:

  • Drastic improvement in marketing efficiency, making customer acquisition more cost-effective while generating more purchases.
  • Implementation of a subscription offer resulted in increased repeat purchases and higher customer lifetime value.

Yes You Can Drinks Partnership

Expressed their satisfaction with Ecommerce Boost’s contribution


This case study offers valuable insights for potential clients:

  • Email automation requires continuous optimization for improved open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Planning marketing campaigns ahead of time helps brands get ahead of competitors in capturing attention and wallet share.
  • A cohesive brand messaging approach, driven by passionate founders, contributes to an exceptional customer experience.
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