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Sugarlash PRO

Sugarlash PRO is a leading name in the beauty industry, offering eyelash extensions, lash lift products, academy courses, and tools. With a global presence in over 35 countries, they are renowned for setting trends and empowering lash artists and consumers alike.


In 2022, following the global pandemic, Sugarlash PRO faced challenges in generating repeat purchases, customer retention, and profit growth.

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    Marketing & Optimization

  • Client

    Sugarlash PRO


Global Pandemic

In 2022, following the global pandemic, Sugarlash PRO faced challenges in generating repeat purchases, customer retention, and profit growth.


Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Ecommerce Boost partnered with Sugarlash PRO to address their challenges and achieve their revenue goals. By implementing tailored strategies and leveraging their expertise in email and SMS marketing, Ecommerce Boost created a comprehensive marketing plan that nurtured non-purchasers into making their first purchase and encouraged repeat purchases from existing customers.


The strategies implemented by Ecommerce Boost resulted in significant improvements for Sugarlash PRO:

  • A personalized marketing plan was developed, leveraging segmentation and research to send the right messages to the right customers at the right time. This approach improved deliverability, engagement, and ultimately drove more purchases.
  • The opt-in form on the website was optimized to capture more email and SMS leads.
  • Conversion rate optimization techniques were applied to enhance the consumer journey, including highlighting key selling propositions above the fold, optimizing page speed, implementing upsells and cross-sells, optimizing the Thank You Page for referrals, and improving overall user experience and mobile functionality.
  • The checkout process was simplified to reduce cart abandonment.

Collaboration between Sugarlash PRO and Ecommerce Boost yielded remarkable results

Average order value increased by

Revenue doubled year-over-year


Sugarlash PRO Partnership

Expressed their satisfaction with Ecommerce Boost

Ecommerce Boost has become an integral part of our team. They are invested in our success, provide us with alternative options, and offer recommendations on how we can optimize our sites and campaigns. They are truly a valuable addition to our team.

Tamra Hami

Chief Product Officer at Sugarlash PRO

Key Takeaways/Lessons

This case study provides valuable insights for potential clients

  • Holistic analysis of ecommerce brand growth is essential.
  • Collaboration and speed in execution are crucial for success.
  • Personalized messaging based on consumer behavior drives conversions.
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